Thursday, January 30, 2014

Commissions Revamps!

Due to volume of commission work I've been doing, skill increasing, confidence increasing, and speediness, I have made revisions to my commissions section.

I have also completed the last set of commissions and will be accepting new requests for commissions. Please note me on deviantArt or contact me through the website to reserve your slot.

Please bear in mind that I will not accept payment for your piece until it is your turn. Refer to the FAQs section of the website if you need to know more.

I've finished quite a few pieces in the last couple of months, including warmups. I've posted them all on my tumblr!

Many thanks to all my customers and supporters for hiring me, retweeting me, and advertising me through word of mouth and showing of pictures I've done. I can't do it without you all :)
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