Customer Testimonials are hugely important in my industry. Below are real quotes from real customers of jupejuperocket art, recipients of art gifts, and people with whom I've worked on larger scale projects.

Steven Andrews

Editor-in-Chief, Toronto Comics

"Stephany is a hardworking and easygoing artist who brings enthusiasm and talent to her work. I look forward to working with her again!"

Nelson da Rocha

Co-editor, Toronto Comics
Writer, Different Times
Writer, Sgt. Sawchuck and the Red Surge

"Steph is invaluable to me. How do I even begin to measure all that she has done for me as a writer? Always focused and an absolute pleasure to work with, I only wish more people were like her. Not only have we helped each other grow creatively I count her as a close friend and look forward to collaborating on any project."


Customer, "Tarts Who Like Tarts"

"If you are looking for an artist willing to work on putting your dreams to ink, look no further than Jupe. She's willing to work with you to make sure your commission is how you envision it. Her service is reliable, fast and the pricing is within reason. Best of all, you can usually watch Jupe create your piece live, where she will ask questions and you can make adjustments as she works"

Andrew Hutchinson

Logos and commissioned art.
Club Detailing

"Fantastic on the spot service! Great customer satisfaction with her custom commission work. Very fast turnaround time even when upto her neck in work Jupe will always find time to get the project done! Have used more than five times now and will 100% use much more. Great artist, great person and overall great service!"

Craig Cameron

Customer, "Bardcannon logo"

"Jupe's quick, committed and talented with her work. She's also exceedingly adaptable when it comes to commission work. No complaints whatsoever."

Richard Kim

Customer, Totoro Three Piece

"The art that Stephany has made for my family is wonderful ... The Totoro pieces are fun, cute, and beautifully put together. Thank you!"


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